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Featured Pet: Memoir of Mama Blue

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Being only two years old, I feel that I have matured quite well as I was forced to learn how to survive outside at a very young age. I spent most of my early years in an alley wishing there was more to life than having kittens but if anything it has taught me to enjoy every moment.

The turning point in my life was when I was rescued by a human out of the blue. I was very suprized and didn`t know what would happen next but only hoped that this was it for the alley life. As soon as I came to the foster home the first thing I saw was kittens. I got angry. I thought, does this woman not understand that I am so tired of kittens; no more lady!! She then let me get relaxed in my own area to collect my thoughts.

But soon after I discovered that at this home someone was taking care of me for a change and no other cat or kitten relied on me. I watched a few kittens playing around and I joined right in and for the first time ever I felt something I`ve never felt before; enjoyment and like a kitten again!  Now if only I could get someone to get me my own scratching post.

Sinister Trap & Release: The Neighbourly Way

We do not want to believe that our friendly next door neighbor Jo Blo would ever do anything to harm Freckles, our fearless cat. This is the same neighbor that you baked muffins for last week. While he was thanking you over the fence for the lovely muffins, Freckles was rubbing through and around his legs and he even bent down to scratch her.

Hmm…you say?

As is turns out Jo Blo hates cats and especially hates the ones that come over regularly to use his prize vegetable garden as a toilet. The neighbors next door are nice but their cat has to go!

And just like that Jo Blo gets his hands on a live trap and puts a tasty little morsel in it for Freckles and in she goes. If only Freckles was an indoor cat! She would never know what terrors the inside of a trap would hold for her!

Jo Blo heads off in his sinister car with his stolen cargo and onto the next city he goes! “Out of the trap Freckles and don’t think you’re coming home!!!” he screams as he tosses the uneaten morsel at her.

Freckle’s family cries for her. “Oh woest me; if only we had kept her indoors she would be safe and warm by the fire.”

Weeks go by and then one day the phone rings. “It’s about freckles…she’s been found! Her tattoo has saved her!! We must go and get her…right now. Her place by the fire is cold.”

Jo Blo next door is mortified. “How did that darn cat make it home he thought; agrrrggh! I’ll have to take her farther next time. Hahahaha. That will do it.”

Soon after history repeats itself; another morsel and another terror filled ride and off goes Freckles again. This time in the opposite direction and much farther. “Out of the trap Freckles….and here’s you’re little morsel….AND DON’T COME BACK!!”

Luckily someone really nice named Jane Doe hears Freckles hanging around her house starving. She feeds Freckles but she has a big dog who does not like cats too much so she can’t let Freckles in the house. Freckles cries and cries outside and won’t leave. Jane feels so sorry for this poor kitty but doesn’t know what to do. She calls the SPCA to report poor Freckles but alas…the SPCA tells her to just stop feeding Freckles and she will just go away. But Freckles is so sweet and must belong to someone?! But the SPCA says again just stop feeding. “We are full and can’t take her.”

Jane felt so sorry for Freckles that she took her to a Veterinary Clinic to have her checked out to see if there was a tattoo or microchip that may get her home. Jane asked the Clinic to board the cat and offered to pay for the boarding while they all looked for the owner. Jane also knew someone in the Okanagan Humane Society so she called them for some help. The Okanagan Humane Society agreed to take Freckles for Jane so that she would not suffer outside with no food or shelter.

Jane diligently looked and looked for the owner of Freckles by placing many online ads and looking through all the lost and founds.

A few days later the clinic found the tattoo and called the owner of Freckles who we know is home crying.

It is a tearful reunion again, Freckles is back home safe and sound….but will they let her out again??? Probably.

We also found out through searching that Freckles had also been found a third time before we found her and was returned to her owner through the SPCA and her tattoo.

The Okanagan Humane Society does not have a shelter and our mandate is not to take in strays. That being said most of us have big hearts and we have a very hard time leaving innocent creatures to their own defenses.

Freckles has been lucky 3 times that we know of….why won’t her people keep her in when they now know for sure some neighbor is trapping her and letting her go. We know that neighbor has tried at least twice and next time, Freckles will be released in the middle of nowhere or his next step could be poisoning her.

This by the way is a true story and of course, the names have been changed to protect Freckles.

If you truly love your cat, do it and you a favor and keep it indoors. It will be happier, healthier and ALIVE.

Temporary Pet Syndrome

Have you ever started thinking one day that it would be so nice to have a cat or dog and on impulse without even thinking about the long term needs of the animal and you find yourself browsing through different online classifieds like Castanet and even visiting pet stores?

If this sounds like you, it’s important to first and foremost determine if your desire to have a pet is for short term satisfaction or if you want one for 15+ years. When this desire leads to the ownership of a pet only to find out that you have an allergy, that you need to move and can’t take the pet with you, the pet had little ones because you didn’t bother getting it fixed, or that you are just simply tired of having one; this is where you might decide that you need to get rid of the pet and/or it’s litter.

Animals pay a very high price for our obsession with tiny cute kittens and puppies. It’s so tempting. There are tons of ads featuring free kittens and are in high demand. We seem to be always willing to bring home the little critters and yet so many people discard them later. Hundreds of cats in the Okanagan are tossed into alleys, junk yards, farms, garbage bins or the city dump every year – the same cats that used to be someones companion are forced to become alley cats, semi-wild, fighting to survive – often sick and starving.

All the shelters in the valley are overcrowded, not accepting anymore cats and it’s been this way for a long time. Can you imagine a waiting list of 300 people who all want to get rid of them.

We don’t don’t want this ongoing trend to keep growing. How can we help stop and prevent it from happening? It starts with educating yourself and others on the reality of owning a pet. Don’t let temporary pet syndrome allow you to give in and adopt a kitten. There is an over population of cats that need homes which is most often the result of people who didn’t want them anymore.


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We at the Okanagan Humane Society give kittens and cats another chance and we do it for free because we really do care.

Would you like to make a difference by preventing the suffering and save our pets? Join us in our pursuit to educate and protect animals from abandonment.

So you want a pet: Key considerations in pet ownership

Do you have the desire to have a long-term companion to take care of and play with for years to come? Just like planning for a family there are several things to consider before you determine if you should get a pet and if so, what kind is right for you. Here are some important factors to consider.


How much free time do you have? Do you travel much? Dogs tend to be much more co-dependent than cats and require you to tend to their needs throughout the day and night. Unlike you, they are dependent on their owners to provide them with what they need: food, water, exercise, a hug, sometimes a bath, someone to clean up their accidents and finally a vet visit if they are not feeling well or need a check-up.

If you work 9-5 a dog might not be the best option unless you take them to doggy daycare or can bring them to work with you of course. Dogs are considered to be extroverts since they crave attention and love to socialize.  they can experience anxiety just like humans if they are left alone even for just a small period of time. Would you like to be locked in a room by yourself while feeling helpless? Not fun.

We also like to go on vacations. Sometimes we can take a pet with us but other times if it’s for a longer journey, the pet needs someone to provide them with basic care but whomever you have take care of the pet needs to understand the care they need and that are dedicated. If the pet needs medications or exercise you may want to hire a pet sitter.

Costs associated

Although you think you might have chosen the right healthy pet, there are different costs to consider including food that has the right amount of nutrients and proteins, accessories including toys, bed, scratching post, cat litter, grooming and most importantly vet bills such as for spaying or neutering, shots and unforeseen illnesses. Believe it or not, cats or dogs can get several different kinds of illnesses like humans such as allergies, infections and even cancer.

Your Home

Do you own or rent? If you’re renting it may be very difficult to find a new home that allows cats or dogs or even limits the amount or size of breed for dogs.

How big is your home? Make sure to choose the right breed for the environment. For instance you live in an apartment, we wouldn’t suggest a husky because they need a lot of space as they are very energetic. If you want a dog but aren’t sure which breed is right for you, take Dogster’s quiz.

How clean is your house? It’s important to keep the kitchen area free of food as the immune systems of cats and dogs are much different than humans and you may need to rush your pet to a vet if they get into your pantry or fridge.

How important are the possessions in your home? Do you have a fancy leather couch that is scratch proof? Probably not – if a scratch on your floor or furniture is a deal breaker for you well maybe you should consider getting a fish instead.

Support from Family & Friends

Make sure everyone in your household supports your decision to get a pet because you will most likely need their help. Especially if you get sick and your pet starts acting intolerable because you can’t take it for a walk. Also, if you’re planning to have a child how will the pet react if your toddler pulls it’s hair or crawls up behind which may startle the animal.

If you need to leave home for a while who will be able to take care of your pet? Make sure that you have people that you can trust to take care of your pet while you’re away whether they go to your home or if they can take the pet to theirs.

5 years from now

Do you know where you’ll be 5 years from now? Do you see your pet with you or would you consider giving it a new home? It is a sad reality that many people expect to sell or give away their pet in order to meet their short term satisfaction of having a pet. Little do they know that there is much more supply than demand in the Okanagan. Every day we find abandoned cats and dogs that have nowhere to go.

Are any of the above points considered to be potential reasons for giving a farewell to your pet? We highly encourage you to rationalize your decision in having a pet and hopefully the considerations we mentioned above will help you make the right decision to adopt or not.

If you want a cat, we have several that need a home. You can read about our featured pet of the week, leave a comment on our blog, visit PetSmart in Kelowna or email us.