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Featured Pet: Frisky

Frisky, an 8 year old affectionate domestic short haired tabby is desperately in need of a new home where he can enjoy the outdoors and search for mice. His owner has recently moved into a retirement residence and is unable to take him with her as they don’t allow outdoor pets.

If you are interested in meeting Frisky, please contact Moira Day at cell: 250-470-7774 or 250-548-3355.

Kittens at PetSmart in Kelowna Seeking Loving Homes

PetSmart in Kelowna has two litters of kittens that are seeking loving homes. Here are each of their stories:

DMH Black White Kittens Okanagan

These beautiful medium-haired, black and white-nosed kittens were born in Lake Country, BC. They are now 12 weeks old and are waiting to find loving homes. They are very affectionate and won’t leave your side.





three tabbies
These three grey tabby siblings have a ton of energy and are very playful! To learn more about them you can either contact us or visit them at PetSmart in Kelowna.

Adoption Event at Total Pet

This Saturday, November 29th, Total Pet in Kelowna will be hosting an adoption event from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

We will be serving hot chocolates and treats by donation. There will also be a draw with many different prizes to be won. Tickets can be purchased by donation.

We hope you drop by and meet some of our cats that are seeking loving homes including this litter of 9 week old kittens.


Featured Pet: Mitzi (Adopted)

mitzi cat for adoption


DOB – July 5, 2008

Mitzi did come from a home where she was very loved. Unfortunately her people’s situation changed and poor Mitzi has to find a new home. Mitzi’s people are now homeless. They had no idea what to do with their cat so they were moving her around to different people’s places. Some places she had to stay in a closet because the people were allergic to cats, and a few days she spent living in a car.

The last resort was to let her go on the streets if they could not find a place for her.

Unfortunately she has had a tendonectomy so she would not do well defending herself on the street. This is not widely practiced by many Vets.

Mitzi has always been an indoor cat and must go to an indoor only home. Mitzi is very friendly and gets along very well with other cats and small dogs. She has never been around a big dog.

If you want to meet Mitzi, you can visit her at Total Pet in Kelowna.

DSH Calico – Spayed/3 way vaccination/Rabies/Dewormed

Litter of 9 Kittens Available for Adoption

This group of kittens is actually made up of two litters. One litter of 5 was born to the cat of an elderly lady. The other 4 were feral kittens caught at the age of 3 weeks and put to the mom for nursing.

When they came into our care last month, they were a sick bunch of 5-month-old kittens, suffering from severe upper respiratory disease and ear mites. One of the kittens, the smallest, was so sick she needed to be hospitalized at the vet clinic for several days.

Now, after just over a month of almost round the clock attention and care, they have finally recovered and are almost ready for adoption. They have not yet been spayed or neutered since the veterinarians wish to wait for two weeks to be sure they have completely recovered from the upper respiratory disease and any secondary infection they may have contracted.

In the meantime, they are available for viewing at their foster home and if a kitten is found to be a perfect match for you, you may put a deposit on him/her for it to be held until it is ready to be homed. We would like the kittens to be able to go to its forever home immediately after its spay/neuter since this would cause the least amount of stress. If, however, you should change your mind about adopting a kitten, the deposit will be forfeit.

All of the kittens are very active and playful, with the litter of 5 being very affectionate and outgoing. As would be expected, the litter of 4 feral kittens is still somewhat skittish, but shows every sign of being just as affectionate when they feel comfortable.

The kittens’ individual pictures, descriptions and characteristics can be seen on the adoption page. The donation cost of $150.00 per kitten is to cover the care, medical, spay/neuter and vaccination costs.

If you are interested in viewing the kittens for possible adoption, email us

Jeans Day Fundraiser

This year the insurance office for Valley First Credit Union in Rutland hosted a weekly jeans day and raised $524 for the Okanagan Humane Society. We are very grateful for their donation and would like to thank the manager, Brett Innis and his staff for their support! During our visit to the office we also brought Duty, a featured pet that is looking for a loving home. He ran around the office and visited everyone. If you would like to adopt Duty, email us!

Featured Pet: Siamese Cat Found

siamese cat found in vernonI found my way to a condo in Vernon about 3 weeks ago. The nice lady that lives there can’t keep me but she gave me a warm place to sleep and food and water. I am super lovely. I have beautiful blue eyes and have been neutered. No one has answered radio or newspaper ads about me so I am hoping someone very nice will give me a new loving home. I would be happy indoors so I won’t get lost again.

This warm and loving siamese cat seems to be well looked after, but alas, no tattoo. We have advertised extensively but nobody has claimed him. He was either intentionally dumped, which happens all the time, or he may have escaped his home, been chased by a dog and run. So far he does not know where to go back to. Third scenario, which also happens a lot is that he may have been trapped in another city and released in Vernon. Neighbours that don’t like cats will do this a lot. Better to always keep kitties indoors!

He really needs a nice warm home before winter sets in hard. It is very hard on the outdoor kitties over the winter when the temperatures plummet to freezing and below.

Do you have a few years to spend with this little man? He is sure hoping! Please call 250-542-4252 for a meet and greet if interested.

Featured Pet: Nick & Levi

kittens kelownaThere were six of us sisters and brothers originally. We were kept in a very tiny room (closet) in the basement of a house that has way too many kitties! And none of them are fixed!! So there are always more kittens. In this room that we were kept in there was food and litter so we are well fed and are very neat and clean in our litter duties but we were never handled, cuddled and loved by people so although we are not mean and nasty, we just didn’t know much about loving and cuddling. With the right people all of us would love the chance to learn what it feels like to snuggle in to bed with purrs, scratches and just plain old loving!

If you have patience, love and compassion we would bloom in your house like you never thought possible. We get along with other kitties and I think we would like your dog too, as long as the dog likes kitties!

Update: We have been in this most awesome foster home for 3 weeks now and we have blossomed! We are no longer are scared of people and dogs! We have both! We have become social butterflies and love to cuddle and play. We talk a bit but not too loud. Nick is very ingenious and has figured out where the treat are kept and knows how to open that cupboard.

We would absolutely love to stay together as we so compliment each other in lots of ways. Just look at our pictures. We are both very handsome boys! And still very young kittens really.

Forever can be a commitment of up to 20 years. Are you ready for us??

Adoption Donation: 150.00

Includes: Healthcheck, Deworm twice – two weeks apart, Spay/ Neuter, tattoo and 1st Vaccination (3way).


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Featured Pet: Roma & Andy

Roma and Andy along with three of their brothers and sisters are looking for forever homes. Come visit them at Total Pet in Kelowna and perhaps one of them will be perfect for your family.



Meet the Tab Brothers! Leif, Tom Thumb, Teddy & Q

tabby kittens

The boys are 13 weeks old and are full of fun. Come visit and watch them blast around playing with each other and anyone else in their way!

All four of them are super loving, and turn on their purr motors the minute you even look at them. Each one has a distinctive personality.

The tabbies came into foster care at the age of three weeks. Sadly their Mother and two of their siblings were killed by a Coyote. This unfortunately happens to a lot of kitties that have been left to forge a cruel life outside battling extreme heat, bitter cold, while on the constant hunt for food and trying to keep from being a coyote or an owl’s next meal.

Luckily for the tab brothers, they were welcomed into foster care where they received plenty of love and lots of warm bottles of kitten formula. They got to spend 10 weeks in their foster home playing with all the other cats that live there. Life is good!!

If you are able to commit 15 to 20 years of your life caring and loving one of these most grateful creatures you will be much rewarded with love and companionship.

The tab brothers are currently residing in Total Pet while they wait for their forever home. Come in and sit for awhile and watch the action or play yourself!

While you’re in Total Pet, don’t forget to buy your pet supplies as Okanagan Humane Society Members get an extra 10% off all their purchases!