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Presidents Message Spring 2015

IN LOVING MEMORY OF CAROLINE SPRONK who passed away recently. She loved animals!

Dear Members and Friends:

Spring is so welcoming even though we experienced a mild winter. It’s wonderful to hear the birds singing, many trees are starting to bloom once again and everything looking fresh, as if for the first time.

Animals have also noticed spring. So many cats are pregnant and some have already given birth. At this time of year we keep wondering where all these kittens will go and will the mother cats who were pushed out of places when they came into heat, find forever homes?

Our society is here to help people who cannot afford the full cost of spaying or neutering their pets. Please don’t let your pets continue having litters, help is available. We are also heavily involved in a huge problem up and down the valley. This problem is feral cats in and out of cat colonies. We knew there was a large number but had no idea just how bad the situation is. Will you help us by assisting in fundraising, fostering, trapping or humane education?

We need more volunteers – selling raffle tickets or attending one or more of our fundraisers.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the generous businesses and hardworking people who support us.

Gloria Helgerson, Karen Merwin, Jan Bigelow and Barbara Butter through the “Dollars for Doers” TELUS


Loretta Marquis for her most generous donations.

Buckerfield’s Photos with Santa.

Shuswap Veterinary Clinic for their Christmas donation from doctors and staff.

Total Pet Fundraiser.

Judy White and Jane Pedlow for their hard work making catnip pet mice.

Shirley Ritchie and friend for putting on a Bridge tournament last January.

Central Valley Veterinary Hospital for photos with Santa, auction and pet nail trims.

Pawsitive Veterinary Care for their raffle.

Nature’s Fare continues to send us cheques for receipts we turn in.

Helena for all the time spent trapping cats under very difficult conditions and finding places where they

can live out their lives in safety.

To the many people who have not been mentioned but put their hearts into helping and saving animals.

One special thanks go to the Veterinarians and their staff who have tirelessly helped the cats and dogs

and our society in so many wonderful ways!



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