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Featured Pet: Mitzi (Adopted)

mitzi cat for adoption


DOB – July 5, 2008

Mitzi did come from a home where she was very loved. Unfortunately her people’s situation changed and poor Mitzi has to find a new home. Mitzi’s people are now homeless. They had no idea what to do with their cat so they were moving her around to different people’s places. Some places she had to stay in a closet because the people were allergic to cats, and a few days she spent living in a car.

The last resort was to let her go on the streets if they could not find a place for her.

Unfortunately she has had a tendonectomy so she would not do well defending herself on the street. This is not widely practiced by many Vets.

Mitzi has always been an indoor cat and must go to an indoor only home. Mitzi is very friendly and gets along very well with other cats and small dogs. She has never been around a big dog.

If you want to meet Mitzi, you can visit her at Total Pet in Kelowna.

DSH Calico – Spayed/3 way vaccination/Rabies/Dewormed

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