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Litter of 9 Kittens Available for Adoption

This group of kittens is actually made up of two litters. One litter of 5 was born to the cat of an elderly lady. The other 4 were feral kittens caught at the age of 3 weeks and put to the mom for nursing.

When they came into our care last month, they were a sick bunch of 5-month-old kittens, suffering from severe upper respiratory disease and ear mites. One of the kittens, the smallest, was so sick she needed to be hospitalized at the vet clinic for several days.

Now, after just over a month of almost round the clock attention and care, they have finally recovered and are almost ready for adoption. They have not yet been spayed or neutered since the veterinarians wish to wait for two weeks to be sure they have completely recovered from the upper respiratory disease and any secondary infection they may have contracted.

In the meantime, they are available for viewing at their foster home and if a kitten is found to be a perfect match for you, you may put a deposit on him/her for it to be held until it is ready to be homed. We would like the kittens to be able to go to its forever home immediately after its spay/neuter since this would cause the least amount of stress. If, however, you should change your mind about adopting a kitten, the deposit will be forfeit.

All of the kittens are very active and playful, with the litter of 5 being very affectionate and outgoing. As would be expected, the litter of 4 feral kittens is still somewhat skittish, but shows every sign of being just as affectionate when they feel comfortable.

The kittens’ individual pictures, descriptions and characteristics can be seen on the adoption page. The donation cost of $150.00 per kitten is to cover the care, medical, spay/neuter and vaccination costs.

If you are interested in viewing the kittens for possible adoption, email us

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