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Featured Pet: Siamese Cat Found

siamese cat found in vernonI found my way to a condo in Vernon about 3 weeks ago. The nice lady that lives there can’t keep me but she gave me a warm place to sleep and food and water. I am super lovely. I have beautiful blue eyes and have been neutered. No one has answered radio or newspaper ads about me so I am hoping someone very nice will give me a new loving home. I would be happy indoors so I won’t get lost again.

This warm and loving siamese cat seems to be well looked after, but alas, no tattoo. We have advertised extensively but nobody has claimed him. He was either intentionally dumped, which happens all the time, or he may have escaped his home, been chased by a dog and run. So far he does not know where to go back to. Third scenario, which also happens a lot is that he may have been trapped in another city and released in Vernon. Neighbours that don’t like cats will do this a lot. Better to always keep kitties indoors!

He really needs a nice warm home before winter sets in hard. It is very hard on the outdoor kitties over the winter when the temperatures plummet to freezing and below.

Do you have a few years to spend with this little man? He is sure hoping! Please call 250-542-4252 for a meet and greet if interested.

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