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Featured Pet: Winter

white catWinter is a beautiful pure white boy who has been in rehabilitation at a foster home for the past year and a half. Because he suffered severe neglect and abuse for the first 3 years of his life, it took some time for him to realize that people can be kind and trust worthy.

He has the sweetest heart and is very courageous. Though he is sometimes scared, his desire to give and receive love pushes him to get as close as he can to you, even if for a short time. He loves nap time on the bed curled up right next to you. He also enjoys taking long naps by himself in a sunny spot with a view. But when awake, he will follow you into every room, find a place to snooze and periodically get your attention for some pets. Eventually, he would like be a lap cat. So far his nerves can handle resting his head and one arm on your lap for a short time and then he needs a break. However, he always comes back to have another go at it after a few minutes! He desires love and affection so much but simply needs to take it one step at a time.

His Siamese genes come out in his vocalizations, playfulness, and loyalty. This guy has quite the vocabulary and is not shy about using it! When he came to his foster home, he did not know how to play and needed his foster brother to teach him. Now one of his favorite things to do is play chase with a string! He loves to have playtime with you but will also play by himself with his favorite toys and have a great time. He is an excellent sprinter as well; not having room to run in his former life, he now takes advantage of the space every night after dinner.

Though he gets along with other cats, and dogs if they are not aggressive, he would absolutely love to have all your attention and be your one and only. He will return your patience and love with head butts, loving gazes with his big blue eyes and cuddles.

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