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Featured Pet: Nick & Levi

kittens kelownaThere were six of us sisters and brothers originally. We were kept in a very tiny room (closet) in the basement of a house that has way too many kitties! And none of them are fixed!! So there are always more kittens. In this room that we were kept in there was food and litter so we are well fed and are very neat and clean in our litter duties but we were never handled, cuddled and loved by people so although we are not mean and nasty, we just didn’t know much about loving and cuddling. With the right people all of us would love the chance to learn what it feels like to snuggle in to bed with purrs, scratches and just plain old loving!

If you have patience, love and compassion we would bloom in your house like you never thought possible. We get along with other kitties and I think we would like your dog too, as long as the dog likes kitties!

Update: We have been in this most awesome foster home for 3 weeks now and we have blossomed! We are no longer are scared of people and dogs! We have both! We have become social butterflies and love to cuddle and play. We talk a bit but not too loud. Nick is very ingenious and has figured out where the treat are kept and knows how to open that cupboard.

We would absolutely love to stay together as we so compliment each other in lots of ways. Just look at our pictures. We are both very handsome boys! And still very young kittens really.

Forever can be a commitment of up to 20 years. Are you ready for us??

Adoption Donation: 150.00

Includes: Healthcheck, Deworm twice – two weeks apart, Spay/ Neuter, tattoo and 1st Vaccination (3way).


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