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Meet the Tab Brothers! Leif, Tom Thumb, Teddy & Q

tabby kittens

The boys are 13 weeks old and are full of fun. Come visit and watch them blast around playing with each other and anyone else in their way!

All four of them are super loving, and turn on their purr motors the minute you even look at them. Each one has a distinctive personality.

The tabbies came into foster care at the age of three weeks. Sadly their Mother and two of their siblings were killed by a Coyote. This unfortunately happens to a lot of kitties that have been left to forge a cruel life outside battling extreme heat, bitter cold, while on the constant hunt for food and trying to keep from being a coyote or an owl’s next meal.

Luckily for the tab brothers, they were welcomed into foster care where they received plenty of love and lots of warm bottles of kitten formula. They got to spend 10 weeks in their foster home playing with all the other cats that live there. Life is good!!

If you are able to commit 15 to 20 years of your life caring and loving one of these most grateful creatures you will be much rewarded with love and companionship.

The tab brothers are currently residing in Total Pet while they wait for their forever home. Come in and sit for awhile and watch the action or play yourself!

While you’re in Total Pet, don’t forget to buy your pet supplies as Okanagan Humane Society Members get an extra 10% off all their purchases!

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