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Featured Pet: Alice’s Story

Well hello!  My name is Alice.  Am I not the most gorgeous creature you’ve ever seen?

I spend many hours staring into the looking glass admiring how beautiful I am and dreaming of a new life for the future.

Not that I don’t have the best life right now. Cause I do. Absolutely!  Alas my provider has to find me a new home it is with great sadness that I announce the ill-health of my mom.

It all started out one sunny day back in the Spring of ’10. Me and my brothers and sisters grew up with my biological mom and dad in an old doghouse. The doghouse had blankets in it and cardboard around the opening so the drafts were not as bad as they could have been.

We lived in the North end area of Kelowna in the backyard of a very nice lady who puts food and water out for us. She did her very best to make life as tolerable as possible for us.

My mom looks just like me or rather I look just like her. She is so beautiful! Her name is Tuxie and she is about 3 years old and yes only about a year older than me. My dad is a Chocolate Point Siamese and he is very big and handsome. He looked out for us all the time and kept watch while we ate.

We always had to stay alert and watch for predators and dogs that wanted to eat us for their dinner and also other big stray cats that wanted all of our food for themselves! Sometimes my Dad had to fight them!

The nice lady that fed us phoned her friend at the Okanagan Humane Society to please come and get us. This friend had already come before and taken all my aunts, uncles and cousins and found nice homes for them all and just like last time when my mom and Dad weren’t looking she grabbed us all and took us to her home.

A few days later she went back and got my mom and dad. They got altered and released back there to live out their lives with the nice lady. They are healthy and happy and now have a heater too! They are well loved but never want to come inside.

For us, well it took some time as we were taught very well to be wary of everything unusual. We were taught to hide, be quiet and not to play! We were about 5 weeks old when we came to our foster home.

Our foster mom played with us all the time. She had a room all equipped just for us to play and eat and sleep in cool little beds. Before long we were very happy in our new place and loved to be picked up and cuddled.

Sometimes when we’re really stressed like we were when we first came to our new home we may get sick. We did get sick and had to have some medication. So we ended up staying at our foster home till we were about 4 months old. Our Foster mom wanted to make sure we were healthy before we went off to new homes.

Once we were all better we were spayed and neutered and vaccinated against all the bad stuff and then soon thereafter came the day that we found a new home!

Me and my brother Huey were the last of everyone to get our own home. We always felt that the longer we waited it must have been for a good reason cause we were going to get a really good home. And we did!

About six months ago my brother got really sick and died. I was really sad and became depressed. I missed little Huey so much! He was more than just my brother, he was my best friend! My mom wanted to make me feel better so she brought home another little kitty for me to play with. It wasn’t the same but I humored her!

Then came the devastating news that my mom has some serious health issues with her heart and her Doctor said she has to find homes for her companions. Oh dear, she was so upset. She cried and cried cause I know how much she loves us.

The lady from the Humane Society returned and took Maggie who had only been here a couple of months anyway. Someone she knew wanted a kitty just like her.

So here I was back on my own but this time it wasn’t so bad. I guess I was over my grief for my brother and although I missed Maggie too, I was happy to have my mom all to myself. I wanted to show her how much I cared so I became much more friendly and spend every minute I can kissing her and laying on her lap.

This is not too urgent but hey I need a home! I will be shy at your house to start with and I may hide. It’s kind of a nature vs. nurture thing so you might have to lay on the floor and talk to me through the couch for a while. But once you and I trust each other we will form a strong and loving bond too. I can be your only cat if you have lots of time to spend with me or I do get along with other cats too. My Foster mom had a dog that I really liked so maybe I will like yours too.

If you want to meet me you can email the humane society at I hope to meet you very soon!

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